So I’m running a little webinar next week (sorry, internal only). It was supposed to have attendance somewhere between ten and twenty people, but the topic is hot, and the invite got forwarded around - a lot. One of the biggest cheeses in the company is attending, or at least, his exec assistant accepted the invite.

On the one hand: yay! An opportunity to shine! Okay, I need to put a lot more thought into my slides and delivery, but this is a chance to put all those presentation techniques into practice.

On the other hand, this has given me an unwelcome insight into what a nightmare it is to run events with large numbers of attendees with "normal" software. Since I have completely lost track of who is attending, I want to at least get a feel for how many people will be in the audience. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way of doing this in Outlook, so I started googling - and that is when I came across this gem:

If you are the meeting organizer and you want to include each attendee's response to your meeting request, click the Tracking tab, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN, and then paste the image into a Microsoft Office program file.

That is from Microsoft’s own official Office support site, not some random "This One Weird Old Trick Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Outlook". O tempora, o mores...